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Cambodia Advance Communications Ltd or "CADCOMMS" is one of the leading telecommunications services providers in Cambodia. CADCOMMS has been in operation in The Kingdom of Wonder since 2008 when it launched as qb, giving the people of Cambodia their first experience of 3G and thereby offering them real choice and value for their communication needs.

qb is committed to enhancing and enriching daily life by making communication easier, more versatile and always a rewarding experience. qb operates a super fast 3.75G network in all 25 provinces. qb also provides 2G, 2.5G and 3G mobile services, promoting the very latest in multimedia and mobile internet services, including innovations in voice, messaging and value added services. Its comprehensive nationwide network coverage covers more than 95% of the population, serving the consumer and corporate markets alike. qb is the telecom provider of choice for those dedicated data hungry Millennials, whose demands for service quality and integrity match our own.

qb is a privately owned mobile network, free from the constraints of large corporate conglomerates, and therefore able to dedicate itself to providing the best service, experience and value to its customers.