www.qbmore.com - FOOTBALL SMS Game

... The hunt for champions is ON! Let’s have a kick today!

Talented players win every week, and the champion will be crowned and rewarded with the qb’s ultimate prizes!

Simply send SMS: FB to 7777 to join, and then reply with A or B to earn more and more points.

10 cents per SMS. Keep playing to score the most points available and become the CHAMPION!

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"FOOTBALL" is another great SMS game where players compete with each other via SMS in a football match. As the FOOTBALL match progresses, players collect points for completing specific challenges or techniques to claim weekly prizes and at the end of the game, the players with the top scores will be crowned champions and win the ultimate prizes of qb's FOOTBALL SMS Game.

For "FOOTBALL", the top placed will win $1,500, whilst the second and third placed players will receive $600 and $300 respectively. Players are encouraged to maximize their points by participating in all the challenges throughout the game. So, let’s kick off today, and be the champion that you are!

How to Join the 'FOOTBALL'

  • SMS letter FB or the word FOOTBALL to 7777
  • If subscriber has sufficient balance, system sends an auto reply SMS welcoming the new participant to the game.

How to Play the 'FOOTBALL'

  • Participants to send a letters FB or a word FOOTBALL
  • If subscriber has sufficient balance, System sends an auto reply SMS confirming the points newly acquired, player's current ranking and total points accumulated in the game as well enticing player to continue playing the game by offering more points.
  • If subscriber has insufficient balance, system sends an auto reply SMS:
    • Your balance is not high enough to play this game (fee 10c/SMS). Please recharge your account and try again. For Help call 333. Thanks!