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qb FIRST Again!!

Pokemon GO – a mobile game featuring Virtual Reality technology took the word by storm amassing millions of players worldwide within a mere few days of its release. When the Pokemon GO sensation reached Cambodia in August, qb was the first mobile operator to seize the opportunity to ensure that all of its subscribers could play and conquer the game without using up too much of their credit. By simply subscribing to qb’s best-in-market data packages – Data Xchange our customers could play Pokemon GO all day every day for little extra cost In an instant, thousands of subscribers got onboard, which excited us and led us to create our very own Pokemon GO movie featuring Pikachu – the mascot of the Pokemon brand itself. Far exceeding our expectations, the movie went VIRAL on social media networks, clocking up over a million views and tens of thousands of likes and shares on Facebook alone. In response to that overwhelming interest, qb decided to give away the Pikachu suit and Pokeballs that were famously featured the video to one of its fans.

In our very first Facebook Live event on 21st September 2016, our lucky winner – Mr. PAN, BunThoeun told us he could not believe his luck and was very excited to become the lucky owner of the famous yellow Pikachu suite. Among thousands of people who expressed their interests in a chance to win the adorable prize, Mr. PAN, BunThoeun can rightly feel that he is the lucky one.

As a promise to Mr. PAN, BunThoeun, and all qb subscribers, qb will continue to maintain the high service quality in all the services that we offer along with surprise promotions and excitement that qb knows the fans will love. Stay tuned for more exciting news from qb! For more information on qb’s best products and services and current promotions that you could win, please visit qbmore.com